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The Secret to Getting What You Want

The Secret to Getting What You Want

What do you most want in your life or in your business? If you have an immediate answer to this question, I applaud you — because you are the exception, not the rule. The secret to getting what you want begins with getting clear about what you actually want. Yet “What do I want?” is [...]


Clear Space for Your Greatness

Clear Space For Your Greatness

Every few years I go through a process of what I refer to as “shedding.” It’s about clearing the old to make space for the new. This year, however, I tried something new. My end of year process worked in ways both expected and unexpected. In the first week of 2016 I have noticed that, [...]


The One Thing Your Success Depends On

The One Thing Your Success Depends On

Leaders are all around us in our everyday lives. Sometimes they have a title, and sometimes they don’t. Regardless, they offer us a treasure trove of insight if we are willing to take the time to …consciously observe them in action, …actively listen to their stories, …and even ask them to share what they have [...]


Small Choices Big Impact

Following is an article by Wendy Appel, Author of the recently released InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders.  I am thrilled to introduce Wendy and her book as a wonderful resource to support your personal journey to leadership mastery. Every moment of every day, we are making choices. “When should I get up in [...]