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Collusion vs Collaboration

Collusion vs Collaboration

The subject of collusion has been a hot topic in US politics these days. So I want to start by making it clear that this post is NOT about politics, but rather about the kinds of human behaviors on teams, in organizations and in life that keep us stuck vs. move us forward. Take a [...]


Coaching Lessons From A Reality TV Show

Coaching Lessons from A Reality TV Show

When it comes to reality TV, I’m not a fan. That is, except for The Voice. The show begins with four music stars listening to people sing. The unique part about the setup is that it’s a blind audition. The first step is to choose who they want on their team. It’s really all about [...]


Are You a Collaborative Leader?

Are You A Collaborative Leader?

According to the authors of the new book Collaboration Begins With You, if collaboration is going to succeed it must begin with you. This thought-provoking post from Ken Blanchard, Jane Ripley, and Eunice Parisi-Carew challenges us to consider whether our own style of leadership is truly collaborative, and how that affects those we lead. Are you [...]


Can Independence Foster Healthy Interdependence?

A lively and insightful #PeopleSkills chat on Twitter led by Kate Nasser and David Moore got me thinking more deeply about the relationship between independence and interdependence as it applies to teamwork. As I began to make the case for the value of those who work well independently to a team, Simon Harvey reminded me: [...]


Vehemence and Vitriol

We love to hate politics and politicians. In a US Presidential election year the vitriol flies feverishly from both sides of the aisle.  And it doesn’t just come from the politicians. I saw someone post a plea on Facebook last night to make Facebook a “politics free zone”.  Part of me cringes at that because [...]

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