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Are You Practicing Enough?

Are You Practicing Enough?

As I watch my daughter play in her first high school lacrosse season I am reminded of the value of practice. Our girls have won 9 straight state championships and we hope and intend this year will be their 10th. Their success certainly did not happen by accident. There is nothing magical, at least that [...]


Embracing Failure

Success or Failure?

Successful business leaders tell us over and over again that they had to fail to get to where they are. In fact, it is precisely those failures that led to their success.  Look at Steve Jobs. When did he come up with the iPod? After he had been kicked out of Apple!  When you think of [...]


Why Didn’t I Get That Promotion?

8 Reasons You Were Overlooked for That Promotion

Following is an article from one of our favorite guest bloggers, Beth Armknecht Miller Most of us have asked ourselves this question sometime during our career, and you might be asking yourself the question right now.  After working with scores of executives as a coach and advisor, I have developed my top eight reasons why [...]


4 Ways to Unleash Leadership Energy

Following is a guest article from Achim Nowak.  Achim has a distinctive ability to connect deeply and authentically with others in a way that ignites their passion and energy. It is my pleasure to share some of his wisdom with you here. By the time I get hired to coach a senior executive, he’s been [...]

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