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3 Ingredients of a Great Meeting

3 Ingredients of a Great Meeting

Despite the rampant complaints about meetings that waste time and squander resources, the problem of too many poorly-designed and poorly-run meetings persists. An agenda isn’t the answer… The solution to bad meetings that has been touted for years has been to create an agenda. Except, even with an agenda, a meeting can still be a [...]


The Secret to Being Effective

Our culture, especially our business culture, seems to have an obsession with efficiency.  It’s not that efficiency isn’t a good idea, but it isn’t always the silver bullet it is believed to be.  A focus on efficiency certainly makes sense as an objective if you are creating a machine or a process. Yet when it comes [...]


The Key to Starting on Time

Are you frustrated by people who show up late?  Does it make you crazy when you show up on time, but others don’t, leaving you waiting? Forget the incentives, the punishments and the gimmicks. Lead by example instead. There is a key principal you can use as your guide to taking action that will ensure [...]


Don’t Just Meet, Make Meaningful Progress

Have you ever been on a committee? You know the drill.  A group is formed to address an issue. Volunteers are requested.  Some individuals are “urged” to participate.  A leader is designated by someone in authority, based on position, or is declared by default to be the one who schedules the first meeting. The kickoff [...]

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