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It Sounds Great In Theory…

There are a lot of things that “sound great in theory”.  Yet knowing the theory doesn’t always tell you how to implement the theory in real life. Why does there so often seem to be such a big gap between theory and action? I’ll suggest it is because to apply the theory we have to [...]


Is Your Team a Committee in Disguise?

Is Your Team a Committee in Disguise?

If you consider the teams that you have been on, it is likely you could easily assess which were high performing and which were dysfunctional. As with anything involving human relationships, there are a multitude of dysfunctions possible. However, there is one distinction I have consistently used to help turn dysfunctional teams around. And when [...]


What is the Status Quo Costing You?

The status quo is a powerful force.  We often talk passionately about the need to transcend it.  We paint the status quo as the villain in the story of our quest to greatness.  We must do battle with it if we are to do not just good work, but great work. It is the obvious [...]

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