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How to Win Over a Skeptic

In Leading Skeptics and Believers I suggest that if you want to cause change, focus first on the “believers.” While many agreed with that point of view, there was a lot of discussion about what to do with the skeptics. Some believe you should just ignore them. Others believe you have to at least try [...]


What If You’re The Underdog?

What If You’re The Underdog? thumbnail

Do you have competitors who are better funded than you? Is your team relatively new? Are your competitors richer in human resources? You might even believe that your team is the underdog. You can turn that around and gain a competitive advantage, despite your current disadvantages, with one simple thing: eliminate mistakes. Of course some [...]


Label Me Not

Earlier this year I was sitting at a table of 6 people I did not know in the role of a coach. One of the participants shared what she had accomplished and a challenge she faced right now. I listened to her story.  She was quite inspiring. There were many directions I could have gone [...]


The Value of Trust

When we don’t trust the people we work for, it can be very difficult to lead.  When trust is lacking we are more likely to try to figure out what “they” want and how we can play it safe than we are to speak up, step up or stand up in any noticeable way. When [...]

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