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What’s Your Agenda?

Jane Perdue of The Braithewaite Group and the Life, Love & Leadership blog has introduced a challenging topic with a post called “Politics are Necessary but Not Necessarily Evil” where she suggests that many of the core characteristics of quality leadership are also the central tenets of office politics.  Jane’s post is thought provoking:  a [...]


Celebrating Firsts

Some of you have nudged me about not posting yet this year.  I truly appreciate that you have noticed and thank you for reaching out! The new year is off to a great start: a slow one on my blog, but with 4 firsts for me. So I thought I would take this opportunity to [...]


5 Ways to Lead the Way to Holiday Miracles

I can think of no more important place for our leadership to make a difference than in our families.  The Holiday Season is a particularly opportune time for us to lead the way for something new and maybe even miraculous to show up.  Wherever in the world you may live the holidays have a way [...]


On the Other Side of Right

In a previous post titled Who is Right? I wrote about the cost of being right and the dangers of righteousness.  Starting with an example of a company providing customer service, I expanded the conversation to how this applies to a leader.  Here I am going to explore how it applies to every one of [...]


Who is Right?

If you look closely at this picture you will see that 8 out of 26 letters are completely worn off.  I purchased this Gateway laptop in July of 2008.  I also purchased an extended warranty from Office Depot to cover hardware defects and malfunctions for 3 years. Seems to me the keys are hardware.  And [...]

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