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How to Listen in an Age of INTERNAL Distractions

How to Listen in an Age of Internal Distractions

Listening well is hard work. To do it effectively, you must be both focused and present. Yet, in our age of attention deficit, it can be difficult to create the mental space necessary to really listen to another human being. The mechanics may be simple, but keeping the concentration necessary to process meaning is not. Part I considered [...]


Why You Should Speak Less and Listen More

Why You Should Speak Less and Listen More

When I was growing up, I remember feeling more uneasy when my parents got very quiet than when they were speaking loudly about their displeasure with something I or my brother had done. As a proponent of speaking up as an act of leadership, it is perhaps ironic that I learned at a very young age [...]


Want to Be More Interesting?

Want to Be More Interesting? thumbnail

Introducing Jason Grant, Regional Director of Leadership Development for The John Maxwell Group.  Jason strives to ask great questions of people and has a passion for sincerely building folks up with genuine encouragement. He enjoys the practical application of leadership. Whenever talking with Jason his passion for leadership and commitment to making a difference in the [...]

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