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Want to Be More Interesting?

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Introducing Jason Grant, Regional Director of Leadership Development for The John Maxwell Group.  Jason strives to ask great questions of people and has a passion for sincerely building folks up with genuine encouragement. He enjoys the practical application of leadership. Whenever talking with Jason his passion for leadership and commitment to making a difference in the [...]


Listening in the Age of Attention Deficit:Part II

Listening well is hard work. To be effective you must be both focused and present.  Yet in this age of “attention deficit” it can be quite hard to create the mental space necessary to really listen to another human being. Part I considered some of the external distractions you might encounter when you are trying [...]


5 Ways to Lead the Way to Holiday Miracles

I can think of no more important place for our leadership to make a difference than in our families.  The Holiday Season is a particularly opportune time for us to lead the way for something new and maybe even miraculous to show up.  Wherever in the world you may live the holidays have a way [...]


Do You Set People Up to Win?

In an excellent post titled “Listen Like a Leader”, Randy Hall shares a great story illuminating a trap that people in leadership positions can easily fall into: focusing on ensuring their people get to know them rather than focusing on getting to know their people.  He also points to what I will call a corollary [...]


5 Signs of “Leading While Distracted”

While on the way to catch my plane in San Francisco yesterday I realized I left my cell phone behind. After a moment (or two) of panic I realized this could actually be an interesting experiment. It was. Throughout the day I noticed I was more interested in and observant of all that was going [...]

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