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Why Didn’t I Get That Promotion?

8 Reasons You Were Overlooked for That Promotion

Following is an article from one of our favorite guest bloggers, Beth Armknecht Miller Most of us have asked ourselves this question sometime during our career, and you might be asking yourself the question right now.  After working with scores of executives as a coach and advisor, I have developed my top eight reasons why [...]


What If You’re The Underdog?

What If You’re The Underdog? thumbnail

Do you have competitors who are better funded than you? Is your team relatively new? Are your competitors richer in human resources? You might even believe that your team is the underdog. You can turn that around and gain a competitive advantage, despite your current disadvantages, with one simple thing: eliminate mistakes. Of course some [...]


Casting off the “Good Junk”

For me 2009 was a year of tremendous learning and change, love and loss, as well as shedding stuff and organizing.  Now that the frenzy of activity has passed I have enjoyed some time to reflect on many things including lessons learned. The lesson revealed to me was one my dad tried to teach me [...]


The Opportunity of Obligation

Take a moment and think about the things you have on your plate over the next month.  How many of them are you likely to do purely out of obligation?  By that I mean things you will do just because you said you would or are expected to by the people around you or even [...]