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How to Deal with Disrespect

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Have you ever experienced being disrespected in some way, but found yourself not quite sure what to do? Perhaps you felt like someone was being condescending toward you. Or maybe they said or did something that you felt was intentionally designed to make you feel small or less important. A client had called me recently [...]


3 Reasons Why Connecting is Essential to Progress

3 Reasons Why Connecting Is Essential to Progress

In our fast-paced, rapidly changing world, there is an endless demand for things that need to get done. It’s not hard to make a case that the need for organizations to be productive is paramount to success. Yet all too often the path to increased productivity excludes time to connect with each other. Some would [...]


Living A Life Of Significance

Living a Life of Significance – an interview with John C. Maxwell

As a founding member of the John Maxwell Team, I have had the privilege of experiencing John’s wisdom and presence first-hand. It is my privilege to share an interview with him about his new book, Intentional Living. You are quite a prolific author, John. So why was it important for you to write this specific book [...]


Who’s in Your Inner Circle?

Who’s in Your Inner Circle?

Who are the people in your “Inner Circle” – i.e., those people who you believe have the most significant influence on your life from this point forward? They may be your family members, your friends, the people you work with, and/or the people in the various communities to which you belong such as school or [...]


The Power of Rapport

Today I’m pleased to share a guest post from author Chip Bell. Chip’s latest book  Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning guides leaders in helping associates grow and adapt in today’s tumultuous organizations. “Rapport” comes from an old French word that means “a bringing back” or “harmony renewed.” This definition reminds us that rapport is [...]

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