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How Well Do You Receive?

Do you know someone who has a hard time receiving? It could be anything in particular – a compliment, a gift, a favor, etc.  Maybe you are one of those people. There are 3 reasons I have observed in myself and others for feeling discomfort when it comes to receiving. Being aware of how each [...]


Rising from the Ashes

Can failure be the source of success? This is a true story… Donna (real person, fictitious name) was someone who had previously failed in managing a project but was now ready to put herself out there again.  After all, the project she led before was something no one else had even tried to do.  She [...]


How Strong is Your Foundation for Success?

What is the raw material from which we build our foundation for success? I believe it is our relationships.  By relationships I am referring to more than just the ones we have with others.  All of our relationships begin with the one we have with ourselves. In a sense, the people around us are a [...]

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