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A Leader’s Words Matter

A Leaders Words Matter

“Your words are your wand.” – Florence Schovel Shinn Words are the tools leaders use to shape what is possible for the future, as well as the experience of the present for better or for worse. A leader’s words can… Build someone’s self-esteem, or diminish their sense of self-worth. Evoke excitement and enthusiasm, or stoke [...]


I Choose To Honor You

I Choose to Honor You

I find myself feeling an alarming sense of anxiety and distress from the 2016 US election conversation.  Sadly, I know I am not alone. A long-time friend who is a devout Muslim American shared recently that she has had nightmares that someone will come and take her family from their home.  She is someone who [...]


The Relationship Focus of Hidden Leaders

Hidden Leaders Build Relationships

Scott Edinger is the co-author, along with Laurie Sain, of the upcoming book The Hidden Leader, which helps employers learn how to recognize and cultivate talented but under-utilized employees. Here he speaks about one such group of hidden leaders: the tech stars. In December 2014, a computer software problem caused extensive delays throughout the British airspace. In these [...]

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