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Who’s in Your Inner Circle?

Who’s in Your Inner Circle?

Who are the people in your “Inner Circle” – i.e., those people who you believe have the most significant influence on your life from this point forward? They may be your family members, your friends, the people you work with, and/or the people in the various communities to which you belong such as school or [...]


Are We Really “All Connected”?

We are all connected.  We seem to be hearing that more and more these days. Yet do we really act like we believe it? We have been trained to think in a paradigm that has us focus on what separates us.  Today’s world, for the most part, has been framed in a mechanistic model based [...]


Partnership in Peril: What Would You Do?

A friend shared an unsettling story with me recently that highlights the perils of a poorly negotiated partnership agreement. I am sharing this story with you for two reasons. One is because it is an important wake up call for anyone who is in or is considering forming a partnership.  I cannot emphasize enough how critical [...]


What’s Your Agenda?

Jane Perdue of The Braithewaite Group and the Life, Love & Leadership blog has introduced a challenging topic with a post called “Politics are Necessary but Not Necessarily Evil” where she suggests that many of the core characteristics of quality leadership are also the central tenets of office politics.  Jane’s post is thought provoking:  a [...]

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