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7 Steps to Break the Cycle of Inaction

7 Steps to Breaking the Cycle of Inaction

Have you ever had a really great idea, something you just knew you should do, yet somehow you did not act on it? Perhaps you even wrote it down while sincerely thinking to yourself, “I am going to do this.” It may have been sparked while you were in a meeting, attending a seminar, reading [...]


Mindless vs. Mindful Generosity

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Generosity is certainly an admirable quality. To be generous means to give freely and liberally. An act of generosity is both an act of kindness and an act of contribution. Except there are times when an act of generosity goes awry.  By that I mean you act with the intention of being generous, yet somehow [...]


Got Rhythm?

Got Rhythm?

Today’s guest post is from Beth Armknecht Miller, author of the recently released book, Are You Talent Obsessed? Unlocking the secrets to a workplace team of raving high performers. She offers some great advice and a terrific process here for becoming a high performer. Definition of Rhythm: Any sequence of regularly recurring functions or events [...]


What Skills and Abilities are You Over-relying On?

What Skills and Abilities are You Over-relying On? thumbnail

There are probably a lot of things we all just take for granted. Perhaps it’s because we naturally assume there are just some people (or things) that will always be there. When suddenly they are not, we experience a wake-up call. It could be a customer that leaves unexpectedly, a friend that stops responding to [...]


Tending the Garden of Your Mind

Tending the Garden

“Your mind is like a garden: 
 Whatever you plant will grow. 
Your thoughts are seeds you’re planting. 
They produce, each after its kind.
And you, just like a gardener, 
Can choose which seeds you’ll plant. 
And by the choice of seeds you sow,
 You choose the harvest you will reap.
” Excerpt from The Garden [...]

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