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A Leadership Method Available to Everyone

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A young boy was sitting in church with his parents. He noticed there were large brass plates being passed up and down the rows and saw that people were putting money into them.  He asked his father if he could take some out. His father replied: "Yes, you may take some out, but remember to [...]


Recognizing Leadership in Action

Recognizing Leadership in Action

Think of someone whose leadership stands out for you. If no one comes to mind, take a moment and consider those around you right now.  Is there someone you can identify whose leadership is noteworthy? It can be far easier to name those things for someone like Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, or whomever [...]


What is the Source of Your Power?

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Beliefs about power and where it comes from have gone through a transformation in recent history.  Popular culture supports the answer that power comes from "the inside", but do our actions truly reflect that belief? Unfortunately, it's hard to talk about things that go against popular culture.  After all, popular culture and psychology have been [...]


Moments of Trust

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Some of those moments will inevitably be moments of truth.  They will set the stage for a long and satisfying relationship or they will cause a crack in the foundation of trust for the future. You may not realize at the time just how pivotal one of those moments of truth may be in building [...]


How to Access Your Greatness Zone

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"You have an inventory of greatness - your talents, strengths and passions. You come packaged to do great things. Do a lot with what you have - be a game changer." --Jay Forte, The Greatness Zone One place to look for your answer is in your actions.  Are you actively and consistently taking steps that [...]

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