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Are You Wired to Lead?

Are You Wired to Lead?

Anyone CAN lead, but not everyone WILL lead. Skills are, of course, necessary if you want to lead others over time and do it effectively.  Nonetheless, if you have a purpose for leading and a strong desire to lead, you can develop the skills you will need. Yet despite ample evidence that leadership can be [...]


The Step After Getting Clear

The Step After Getting Clear thumbnail

Clarity is power. There is, however, a step beyond clarity that you can take to channel that power productively.  Whether you get clear about something, including what you need to do next, the thing you realize you need to learn, the solution to a vexing problem, etc., you’ll likely experience a surge of energy. The [...]


How to Become a Future Leader

Introducing Dan Schwabel, a Millennial who has a lot of wisdom to share about Gen Y Careers, Workplace Trends and Personal Branding.  One of the reasons I am drawn to Dan and his work is that at it’s heart Dan writes about freedom.  His new book, Promote Yourself, is out this week.  As Seth Godin [...]


A Leadership Lesson from the FL Keys

When you think of a place like the Florida Keys, Leadership is probably not the topic that comes to mind. Yet leadership is not limited to corporations or boardrooms.  It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a business suit or a bathing suit. To be a leader simply requires that you speak up, step up [...]

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