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Why Politically Correct Is Not A Four Letter Word

Why Politically Correct Is Not A Four Letter Word

Use the words “politically correct” these days and you get a lot of strong responses. It is an accusation of impropriety or inauthenticity, disguised by eloquently crafted and spoken words. Calling someone out for being politically correct is now akin to assaulting them with a choice 4 letter word – one that people welcome with [...]


Moments of Trust

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Trust may manifest in how we feel about someone, but behind that feeling is a series of moment to moment interactions that set the stage for the quality of the relationship. Some of those moments will inevitably be moments of truth.  They will set the stage for a long and satisfying relationship or they will [...]


Trust Me…Trust Me Not

I am honored to share with you a guest post from Frank Sonnenberg.  It is adapted from his wonderful new book, Managing with a Conscience: How to Improve Performance Through Integrity, Trust, and Commitment (2nd edition). Frank is a marketing strategist and top marketing author who has written four books and published over 300 articles. [...]


The Value of Trust

When we don’t trust the people we work for, it can be very difficult to lead.  When trust is lacking we are more likely to try to figure out what “they” want and how we can play it safe than we are to speak up, step up or stand up in any noticeable way. When [...]


How to Keep Promises to Yourself

In Make a Promise to You I talk about the importance and value of making promises to yourself.  The question I have for you now is when you make a promise to yourself, how good are you at keeping them? The majority of people I work with admit to having trouble keeping promises to themselves.  [...]