Work With Susan

Susan Mazza is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach offering a range of services to individuals and organizations committed to exceptional leadership and high performance.

Here are some of the ways you and Susan can work together…


  • Deliver a Motivational and Actionable Keynote Address: 3 Simple Ways Anyone Can Lead Everyday
  • Deliver Interactive and Very Practical Conference Break Out Sessions


  • Co-design and facilitate critical meetings and retreats to ensure you have your best meeting ever in terms of both experience and outcomes.
  • Support you and your organization in strategic thinking and working collaboratively.

Coaching and Training

  • Develop your personal brand of leadership and learn to effectively cultivate leadership in others.
  • Learn the skills and practices essential to foster highly accountable relationships and create an accountable culture in your organization.

To explore working with Susan please e-mail Susan at Random Acts of Leadership dot com and you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a free 45 minute consultation.