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One of the most valuable outcomes of engaging with people via Social Media has been the opportunity to network with, learn from and build communities with thought leaders from around the world.  I have been amazed at how the simplicity of the touch points in Social Media can lead to real learning, profound insight and enriching relationships.

By simple touch points I mean things such as a tweet or a Facebook post with a nugget of wisdom, a “like” or resharing of an article posted on Linked In, sharing someones article or image on Pinterest, leaving a comment on a blog, etc.

These simple touch points can take only seconds to initiate, but they can easily be the catalyst for enriching conversations, meaningful friendships and valuable professional relationships.

If you found your way to this article through one of those online social touch points you likely already know exactly what I am talking about.  If you found your way here through our offline connection I encourage you to venture into the online world.  Even if you have already dabbled but haven’t yet found your way to making the connections I describe, I encourage you to keep going.  Focus on contributing and your investment will likely come back to you in a multitude of enriching and surprising ways.

Want to find a quick way to get engaged in some great conversations with some bright and welcoming people?

Check out one of the communities I feature in the sidebar here to the right under “My Communities”.  (Just click on an icon and you will be taken to the online home base for that community.) Some of the ways to get started are to participate in a tweet chat, read and comment on their excellent blogs, join the linked in groups and engage in a conversation there.  The key is to participate!

Over this next month I am also honored to be participating in The 2nd Annual Leadership Blogathon hosted by Todd Nielson.

Todd describes it this way: “For 31 days we will read amazing stories, unparalleled experiences, and leadership wisdom oozing from every crevice of the Internet.” What is astounding to me is the number and diversity of countries and continents represented:  Australia, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Finland, India, Kenya, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, United Kingdom, and United States.

There is a lot of discussion about a global economy in the workplace.  Yet in our day to day interactions most of us are surrounding by people from our country of origin.  This blogathon is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to actually hear from and engage with people around the world on the topic of leadership.  Here’s the link to the preview.

I look forward to engaging with you on what are likely to be some thought provoking and lively discussions throughout the blogathon in March and hope to see you hanging out over at Lead Change, Talent Culture or Bealeader.

What communities have provided an experience for you of being part of a global community?  Please feel free to share links so we can find our way there.


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Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™   |   01 March 2013   |   Reply

Hi Susan,
Your message: “These simple touch points can take only seconds to initiate, but they can easily be the catalyst for enriching conversations, meaningful friendships and valuable professional relationships” — is an incredibly powerful statement of social media’s value.

Touch points matter so much. Many think of social media as the opposite of strong relationships. They claim that online focus undermines true connection.

Not true! Social media is a pathway like many that come before. In fact I still call it social networking because it describes the energy rather than the technology.

Through it, I have met so many wonderful people (like you) that have expanded my beliefs and knowledge. I am a part of the Leadership Blogathon you mentioned above and met Todd Nielsen through social networking!

Now every Sunday, I run a #peopleskills chat on Twitter where we meet, connect, and explore varied topics & build interactions that flow all week.

Your post here is music to my ears for it so simply defines the essence of connection.

Warmest regards and thanks for being here!

Susan Mazza   |   01 March 2013   |   Reply

It really is about the “essence of connection”. Well said. This is a also really important point Kate “I still call it social networking because it describes the energy rather than the technology.”

I really enjoyed the last #PeopleSkills tweet chat. It is amazing how thought provoking and energizing a conversation can be in 140 character interactions! Looking forward to many more.

And I will add that our online connection resulting in actually meeting in real life. I look forward to meeting up again this year as I start traveling north again.

Alli Polin   |   02 March 2013   |   Reply


I feel so fortunate that one of the many touch points I have on Social Media connected me with you. Expanding learning and sharing ideas happens at a speed that I would never have imagined. Even 140 characters at a time, we’re able to build connections and form significant relationships. The best part is, there are always new people to meet and engage with from around the world. Look forward to your contribution to the leadership blogathon! – Alli

Susan Mazza   |   03 March 2013   |   Reply

Likewise Alli! Sharing and learning does happen (and travel!) at an amazing speed. The online communities, for me especially the twitter chats, have been a great source of that continual flow of new people to meet and engage with. Thanks so much for coming by – it is great to see you here!

Dan Forbes   |   02 March 2013   |   Reply

Hi Susan, I am amazed at the wonderful people with whom I have connected from around the world. I have new friends on most every continent. You and I connected on Twitter, Google+, and elsewhere. We’ve also shared phone time together. Remember phones?

You asked me share links to the Lead With Giants Community. The best way for people who have an interest in Leadership to connect with this robust community is here. http://www.leadwithgiants.com/community/

Susan Mazza   |   03 March 2013   |   Reply

Glad you came by to share the info for Lead With Giants Dan. You have drawn together a great community of people and I look forward to connecting and engaging more there. And it was great to hear your voice IRL. Who knows – person to person might even happen since you are just across the state!

Scott Mabry   |   03 March 2013   |   Reply

I agree Susan. I have met many amazing people that have expanded my view of leadership and life. Glad you are one of them. By the way I love your new site. I remember voting on the logo you chose. Wishing you continued success.

Susan Mazza   |   03 March 2013   |   Reply

Same here Scott! I have really enjoyed our voice to voice interactions as well. Glad you like the new site and appreciate your feedback during the process of creating my logo! Working on Phase II now!

Paul Jolicoeur   |   04 March 2013   |   Reply

We certainly live in a global community these days. I remember when the internet for came out! Chat rooms were really popular. It was amazing to be able to chat with some from the other side of the world. Now we almost take it for granted. It is great to chat with others internationally, although most of my meaningful experiences have come when I visit them.

Susan Mazza   |   04 March 2013   |   Reply

It is hard to remember the world before the internet but it really wasn’t that long ago. Way before chat rooms and the internet and even the modern telephone there were “party lines”. Tweet chats seem like the modern version of those.

There is nothing that will ever replace face to face connection. Although the impetus for meeting online friends in real life began from meaningful online interactions.

Thanks for sharing about your experiences Paul.

Meghan M. Biro   |   04 March 2013   |   Reply

Thank you Susan!! Honored to be part of this global social community. You’ve always supported my dreams and our online communities of interest. You are a leading from the front – a role model for collaboration and social learning.

The LeadChange #LeadRev book adventure was nothing short of amazing. Our #TChat World of Work is a wiser community because of your insight and passion. I look forward to spending more time with you. Smiles.

Susan Mazza   |   04 March 2013   |   Reply

Thanks for your kind words Meghan. Your energy and enthusiasm for community and conversations that matter is inspiring to me. It is my pleasure to support you, your dreams and your community. I have learned much from observing and participating with you in the Talent Culture community. It is a group of really smart, heart centered leaders, passionate about what they do, and who love to have fun. Hard to not want to be a part of that!