The One Thing Your Success Depends On

The One Thing Your Success Depends On

Leaders are all around us in our everyday lives. Sometimes they have a title, and sometimes they don’t.

Regardless, they offer us a treasure trove of insight if we are willing to take the time to

…consciously observe them in action,

…actively listen to their stories,

…and even ask them to share what they have learned that has been key to their success.

One of those leaders in my everyday life is my daughter’s Lacrosse Coach, Shannon Dean. He has accomplished something extraordinary – the Vero Beach High School Girls Lacrosse Team has just won their 10th straight state championship.

Winning here and there may be contributed to happenstance such as a particularly talented group of girls or an unusual chemistry that year.

Winning 10 years in a row, however, happens only by design and through sustained leadership.

At our annual celebratory event he shared that expectations are low that we will win next year again as we are losing 11 seniors and most of our starting lineup.  Yet he reminded us that others underestimate what we bring to the table that others aren’t willing to bring.

He went on to share that there are a few essential ingredients to the long term success of our program including:

  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Commitment to Excellence

While all three of these elements are essential, they are being replicated throughout the state as teams continue to elevate their game.  Other teams are tired of losing to Vero and are highly motivated to be the team that ultimately beats us.

If you are reading this, chances are you are already committed to and practice these things in your chosen profession or avocation.

Yet there is one thing he shared that has, and will continue to, set our team apart.

It is the same thing that your success depends on…

Your willingness to sacrifice whatever it takes for the sake of your goal or dream.

“Everyone wants to win and is willing to work hard, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice what is necessary to be the best.” Coach Shannon Dean

Being part of this team isn’t for everyone because it requires a level of sacrifice from the coaches, the players and the parents that is uncommon in high school sports.

Sacrifice is essentially exchanging something you value for something you value even more.

…It requires that you make a choice between what you prefer to be doing over what you need to be doing to succeed.

…It requires that you give up things you love for something you are committed to achieving.

…It requires that you say no to enticing opportunities that don’t contribute to you realizing your dream.

What are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of your success?


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