The Power of Declaring Your Purpose

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The Power of Declaring Your Purpose

Every few years I reconsider my purpose. Each time I am reminded of two things.

First, few people achieve clarity of purpose without working hard for it.

Said another way, your purpose doesn’t usually just come to you out of thin air. The best reason I can come up with for why purpose is so challenging to connect with and craft, is that it requires you to separate yourself intellectually and emotionally from your life experiences, as well as the expectations of those who have power in your life.

Second, doing the work until you achieve that “aha” moment – that moment when you have clarity enough to craft a simple set of words to express your purpose – is energizing and enlivening.

It can also be life-changing.

I can speak to the power of clarity of purpose being life-changing both personally and through many others I have coached and traveled alongside through the years.

Consider that your purpose reflects who you already are, as well as who you aspire to be.  Declaring your purpose gives it power.

[Tweet “Declaring your purpose has power to complete your past, provide a mirror to your present, and guide your future.”]

Here are three questions that can help you get started in doing the important, and potentially life-changing, work of crafting your purpose:

1.  What brings you the most joy?

2.  What difference have you made in the lives of others that has given you the greatest sense of accomplishment?

3.  If you could impact the lives of those you care about the most, what legacy would you want to leave with them or for them?

I thought I would take a moment and share with you the most recent expression of my purpose.

To love people into their greatness, supporting and inspiring them to become the most powerful and joyful expression of themselves in the world.

In sharing this, I am also reminded of how vulnerable it can be to share your purpose with others.  Once you share it, you essentially invite others to bear witness to the very essence of what matters most to you.

Some people will reflect back to you just how far you have come. Others will reflect back to you just how far you have to go. Just remember that both are necessary to manifest your purpose as you weave the legacy of your leadership in the world.

I invite you to declare your purpose here, or even just answer one of the questions offered above, so we can get to know more about you.


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Jay Forte   |   03 April 2015   |   Reply

Great post Sue – particularly like the way you articulated your purpose. That aligns to what I call the Rhodium Rule – Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Inspire Others To Be Themselves. I see the profound impact that perspective can have in reshaping our world to one that is more caring, loving and less violent. Thank for posting and inspiring.

Susan Mazza   |   08 April 2015   |   Reply

Thanks Jay! And as you already know I am a big fan of the Rhodium Rule.

Mihail   |   05 May 2015   |   Reply

It took me until my 40s to understand my life’s purpose. It can be summarized like this: “My mission in life is to give the best possible value to this specific moment”. This translates into several different levels:
– I enjoy life every day and I have time for everything I want to do;
– I am myself in every moment and my actions reflect who I am;
– I develop in the maximum pace that I am capable of, on al levels: physical, spiritual, family, profession, wealth
– I influence the life of everyone around me in a pozitive, relevant way;

It does indeed feel very vulnerable to share this.

Another thing is that I just discovered it; if I am able to live up to it, it would mean to turn my life upside down, which is also quite scary but exciting as well.

Susan Mazza   |   14 May 2015   |   Reply

Thanks so much for having the courage to share your purpose here Mihail! It is indeed both scary and exciting! The moment we declare and share it the expectation for ourselves has been set.