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Today matters.

Think about it…today is the only day you have to alter the course of your future or someone else’s.

Seth Godin offered a great nudge to remember just how much today matters in his article titled the “Transformation Tourist“.  He points out that all of the books we read or videos we watch don’t make any difference unless we take action.

“Change comes from new habits, from acting as if, from experiencing the inevitable discomfort of becoming.”  –Seth Godin

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I’d love to hear about a personal transformation or a change you will begin or a difference you will make because you decide today is the day.

So go ahead and fill in the blank: Today is the day I _______!


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jasbindar singh   |   05 May 2016   |   Reply

Great message to wake up to, Susan! Thanks for the reminder and today is about priorities first; play second!