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A Leader’s Words Matter

A Leaders Words Matter

“Your words are your wand.” - Florence Schovel Shinn Words are the tools leaders use to shape what is possible for the future, as well as the experience of the present for better or for worse. A leader’s words can… Build someone’s self-esteem, or diminish their sense of self-worth. Evoke excitement and enthusiasm, or stoke [...]


Are You Being Strategic?

Are You Being Strategic?

Does success mean checking things off of your "to do" list or project plan, or does success mean achieving an outcome or result that is strategic and matters to you or others? For example... ...when you go to college, do you ultimately aspire to get a degree or to get a good paying job? ...when [...]


3 Ingredients of a Great Meeting

3 Ingredients of a Great Meeting

Despite the rampant complaints about meetings that waste time and squander resources, the problem of too many poorly-designed and poorly-run meetings persists. The solution to bad meetings that has been touted for years has been to create an agenda. Except, even with an agenda, a meeting can still be a waste of time and resources. [...]

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