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Coaching Lessons From A Reality TV Show

Coaching Lessons from A Reality TV Show

When it comes to reality TV, I’m not a fan. That is, except for The Voice. The show begins with four music stars listening to people sing. The unique part about the setup is that it’s a blind audition. The first step is to choose who they want on their team. It’s really all about [...]


The One Thing Your Success Depends On

The One Thing Your Success Depends On

Leaders are all around us in our everyday lives. Sometimes they have a title, and sometimes they don’t. Regardless, they offer us a treasure trove of insight if we are willing to take the time to …consciously observe them in action, …actively listen to their stories, …and even ask them to share what they have [...]


Embrace the Peter Principle

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You may have heard of the Peter Principle:  essentially it is that people tend to rise to the level of their incompetence. Mostly this is referenced when someone is perceived to be in a position that is way over their head and they are thought to be failing or expected to fail. In my early [...]


The Downside of Positivity

The Downside of Positivity

In 1952, Norman Vincent Peale‘s famous book, The Power of Positive Thinking, was published.  The power that positive thinking can have in our lives is today an instilled cultural belief: positive thinking is a good thing and being positive is a good and right way to be. Then again, could positivity have a downside? While most of us, [...]

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