Want More Leaders?

Following is an article I wrote for the SmartBrief Blog that offers a very practical way to use Acts of Leadership to cultivate leadership in others, despite the natural fears and beliefs that can get i the way.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you …

This isn’t only the rights people are read when they are arrested, but a pervasive perspective that arrests the development of could-be leaders and keeps leadership from flourishing broadly and deeply throughout every organization.

Of course, not everyone will or even wants a position of leadership. But that does not mean they cannot or do not want to provide leadership.

You don’t have to be the leader to be a leader. There are opportunities to lead every day, right in front of anyone who has a commitment to make a difference for others or to contribute to a shared goal or vision.

So why don’t more people demonstrate leadership?  Read More…




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