What is the Storyline for Your Leadership?

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What Is the Storyline for Your Leadership?

A video titled “THE LAB: Decoy – A portrait session with a twist” demonstrates how a story can shape our reality.  The point of the video is this: “A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than what is in front of it.”  – The Lab

Consider this… as a leader, you are like the photographer shaping the image of your team or organization.

So take a snapshot of your team at this moment in time by observing things such as performance, attitude, and energy.

Does what you see reflect your commitments and intentions as a leader?

Perhaps more importantly: does the experience of those you lead reflect your commitments and intentions as a leader?

What about the perception of others who count on you and your team, such as your clients or your business partners?

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.

What would a picture of your team say about who you are as a leader at this moment in time?

Remember that you have the power to shape that image – the snapshot of what you stand for and who you are as a leader.

What is the storyline for your leadership?


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Mike Henry Sr.   |   12 August 2017   |   Reply

Susan, thanks for a challenging application to this story for our leadership. I often wonder how much of the success of my team members is dependent on how they are perceived, rather than who they are. Thanks for making me think. Mike…

Susan Mazza   |   31 August 2017   |   Reply

Thanks Mike. I think one of our biggest challenges as leaders is to see and help others see past the perceptions that do not reflect who someone really is. I’ve gone into many organizations as a consultant being given assessments of people that represent their limitations rather than their potential. As a coach I encounter people who cannot see their greatness, let alone embrace it. I see it as my job to help take those blinders off so people can soar. Leaders can indeed choose the lens they look through.