What is Your Leadership Promise?

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Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, Inc., writes about the source of consistently amazing customer experiences: Uncompromising Promises. It is the stand a company makes that “above all else, our customer will have this kind of experience.”

When an “uncompromising promise” becomes part of the fabric and folklore of an organization it takes on a life of its own.

No initiatives are needed to make it happen.

It isn’t driven by policies and procedures. In fact, if you try to “legislate” how it’s delivered you may even shut it down. Because it is in the moments that you can’t plan for that the most amazing customer experiences are often created.

What does drive the implementation of an “uncompromising promise” far and wide in an organization?

It is driven passion and ingenuity of the people in the organization who own that “uncompromising promise” as a personal promise they make to their customers. Making a promise (and honoring that promise) is an act of leadership whether you make that promise for yourself alone or on behalf of an entire organization or enterprise.

While a great company makes an uncompromising promise to customers and will do whatever it takes to honor that promise, so too does a great leader to those who are counting on them. In fact, I’ll suggest the two go hand in hand.

What uncompromising promise do (or will) you make as a leader to those who are counting on you that would have them say “damn, that experience was amazing?”


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Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™   |   01 November 2012   |   Reply

This post oozes commitment. Love the phrase “uncompromising promise”. As a customer I can feel my mind relaxing and being drawn into loyalty just knowing that I won’t have to wonder if I will be treated well etc…

Nice post!!
Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™

Susan Mazza   |   05 November 2012   |   Reply

Thanks Kate! Love the feel of this phrase: “oozes commitment” Whether it’s a customer or someone who reports to you in an organization people know it when you do and when you don’t and it droves both their experience and their choices.

Jon Mertz   |   02 November 2012   |   Reply


A great way to state values – uncompromising promise. When this way is embraced with customers and adjusts mindsets all within an organization, it delivers an immensely motivated workplace to match enthusiastic customers.


Susan Mazza   |   05 November 2012   |   Reply

Hadn’t been thinking that an “uncompromising promise” could in fact be a declaration of your values. Thanks for that insight Jon!

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