What’s Your Leadership Style? Take the Quiz!

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What’s Your Leadership Style? Take the Quiz!

Have you ever taken one of those “personality” quizzes that tell you something about yourself based on your responses to a series of questions?

They can certainly be fun, and the results can also be interesting and insightful.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I can provide more personalized insight about how you as an individual might approach the 3 fundamental acts of leadership – Speaking Up, Stepping Up, and Standing Up.  I’d been wondering if I could create a quiz of my own when, as serendipity would have it, I got a call from Josh Haynam of Interact about an opportunity to try out an online Quiz development app.

The tool itself is incredibly simple to use, and it has a lot of built-in features that help you to make quizzes visually appealing as well as integrate them with social media sharing and e-mail delivery platforms.

The hard part was actually designing the quiz! The process of creating it called for me to apply what I believe are the keys to communicating anything effectively — keep it simple, and less is more.  I was also reminded that innovation doesn’t always require something new, but rather a fresh perspective on what you already have.

So without further ado, I introduce you to the “What Style is Your Leadership?” Quiz.

Click Here to take the quiz and discover your leadership strengths as a Connector, Orchestrator, Trailblazer, Strategist, or Team Champion.  While the quiz generates one result instantly, you may fall into more than one category, so make sure you download the 5 Leadership Styles report at the end, too.

Once you take the quiz, please share your Leadership Style with us in the comments below so we can learn more about you!



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