What Will Your Next Step Be?

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What Will Your Next Step Be?

I’m reading a book called Destiny by T. D. Jakes. It’s one of those books that is taking me a long time to read because with every chapter I find there is something worthy of reflection. To me that is the sign of a book worth reading!

Today I find myself thinking about my relationship with process. It’s ironic that I am a former process expert from my days as an Information Technology professional, because personally I tend to resist process. Yet I also recognize the importance of taking deliberate steps to ensure progress in any endeavor if you want to achieve mastery and accomplish the things that matter to you.

“[There is] no way to bypass steps. No elevator to destiny. Steps do not make life harder, they create readiness.” T. D. Jakes

It can also be helpful to learn from the road maps created by those who have gone before you in a similar endeavor. Yet it is just as important to know that your journey will never look like theirs. So while T. D. Jakes talks about steps and process, he is also not implying that there will be a clear path from A to B other than, perhaps, in hindsight.

…It is important to dream.

…It is important to plan.

…It is important to take deliberate steps to realize the future you envision for yourself and for your corner of the world.

Yet it is just as important to honor the journey — the growth and learning that takes place along the way, as you encounter the inevitable detours and roadblocks that in the moment seem to be taking you off your path.

Consider that there are no accidents in life. I love the perspective that T. D. Jakes offers — that “every step we take toward our destiny is preparing us for being ready to embrace that destiny.” tweet this

Wherever you are on the path to realizing your dreams or even your destiny, take a moment and breathe in the perfection of whatever is happening at this moment in time.

If you are struggling, consider what you are gaining or learning from the struggle and how that might be preparing you for your future.

If you have accomplished something recently, take a moment to celebrate and appreciate the progress this accomplishment represents on the path to realizing your dreams.

And if you are feeling disconnected from the sense that you are indeed taking meaningful steps forward, take a moment to ask for guidance so you may connect with that which inspires you.

What will your next step be to ensure you are intentionally bringing the best of what you have to offer to this world?


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ebenezer djan   |   30 October 2015   |   Reply

i am born a leader yet the world has not heard from me what do i do

Susan Mazza   |   05 November 2015   |   Reply

How do you know that you are a born leader?