What Your Work Ethic Says About Your Character

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What Your Work Ethic Says About Your Character

Introducing Per Wickstrom, a successful salesman, entrepreneur, and recovering addict. He reminds us that redemption is always possible after a fall if we are willing to do the work and take responsibility. In fact, it is often our greatest failures and challenges that lead us to make the biggest difference for others, as Per is now doing with his holistic rehabilitation center. He shares with us the important connection between work ethic, character, and leadership.

People use a variety of personal factors to judge your character. Since we can’t know everything that goes on inside someone’s head, people naturally use external cues to judge an individual’s character. One of the features we most frequently use to judge character is work ethic.

Character can be defined as “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” While we are all similar in some ways, it is our character that sets us apart from each and every other human. What you do, say, think, and feel all make up your unique characteristics.

What is a Work Ethic?

Work ethic may mean different things to different people, depending on the situation. To some, a strong work ethic means working long, hard hours. To others it may mean working smart, which includes doing what it takes to produce the results they promise. For example, when I decided to change careers, I didn’t try to learn brand new technical skills like coding and website-building. Instead, I channeled the strengths I already had and focused on working them to my advantage for my new endeavor.

Someone with a solid work ethic is usually easy to spot: they get the job done and generally do so with a positive attitude. tweet this

Ultimately, these individuals believe that their hard work or smart work will pay off in the end.

On the other hand, those who lack a strong work ethic tend to believe in an external locus of control. In other words, they don’t see a strong connection between their work ethic and reward; thus, they often tend to do the minimum to get by.

What Does Your Work Ethic Say About You?

Most people enjoy feeling as though they have some level of control over their lives. As such, when a person believes that a strong work ethic leads to reward, it means they believe they can control their destiny in one way or another.

In other words, those who have a strong work ethic often feel in control of their lives because they take full responsibility.

It is this attitude of personal responsibility demonstrated through your work ethic that will set you apart as a leader. After all, it demonstrates that leadership, determination, dependability, and reliability are all a part of your character.

On the other hand, when you lack a strong work ethic, others may not see your leadership potential. If you do not believe your work ethic matters you are also not likely to set goals that push you to excel. This can lead others to believe you do not possess characteristics that are necessary for success and especially not leadership.

While work ethic isn’t necessarily the whole picture of a person’s character, it is nevertheless a trait we use to judge one another. So take a few moments and reflect on your own work ethic.

What does your work ethic say about your character and your potential as a leader?


Per Wickstrom

Per Wickstrom is a successful entrepreneur and recovering addict. Formerly one of the top salesman at General Motors, Per decided to start his own rehabilitation facility after achieving sobriety at the age of 38. Best Drug Rehabilitation is now one of the largest holistic treatment centers in the country. Catch up with Per on Facebook and Twitter.



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