30 Days of Celebrating People Who Matter to You

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“Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?”

These are the 3 questions Brendan Burchard, one of the top personal development experts in the world, asked himself when he experienced a life threatening accident.

As I now sit by the side of my husband’s mom, someone I hold incredibly dear, these are the questions I am thinking about. You see, she has been ill for a long time and the end is now near. It is hard to know what to say, so I have been thinking about these questions from what I know and have experienced of Ada.

It is my hope and intention that in those brief moments of wakefulness I have something to say about her life and the difference she has made that might bring her even an instant of peace and joy. Most of all, it is a way for me to celebrate her life with her:

…to remind her of her many magnificent experiences and contributions that are the tapestry of a life well lived.

…to remind her of the difference her love has made for the many hearts she has touched, most especially mine.

…to let her know with certainty that she mattered, that her life mattered, and that she will live forever in the minds and hearts of many including generations to come.


We call these 3 the “Golden Girls”. Top left Mary, Ada’s incredible friend and caregiver, Top Right Anna Mae, my mom, Bottom: Ada, my other mom.

In the process I also started to wonder…

What difference could each of us make in the lives of those we care about if we simply took a moment to remind them how they have lived, loved and mattered in a way that made a difference for us or for others?

So, inspired by Ada, I am taking on a practice for the next 30 days to celebrate someone in my life by letting them know how they have lived, loved or mattered in a way that has touched my life.

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Kirstie Ganobsik   |   12 June 2016   |   Reply

Love this! Telling someone how much they matter is such a beautiful idea, and this kind of positive action is much-needed in this world. I really enjoyed reading about Ada.

Lucy   |   04 July 2016   |   Reply

At the end of it all, what matters is how you touched other people’s lives. The things we accumulate never count. I like what you’re doing with your mom in-law, very positive.

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