Are You Playing Big?

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Are You Playing Big?

A friend recently commented on how my daughter seems so much bigger on the field these days. Now she is 5’3″ and weighs 105 lbs, and has only grown an inch since he last saw her play, so this is clearly a perception and not reality! There is, however, no doubt that she has grown a lot in other ways as a player.

This got me thinking about what really is the source of how we occur in the world. In other words, what is the source of how we are perceived by others? And what is the source of realizing our potential?

In talking with my daughter, I asked her what she thought had made the difference in her growth as a player in the last year. Her response was this:  “I stopped playing like I am small.”

She reminded me that I have seen this phenomena play out countless times as a business coach though the years (although not usually quite so literally!).

When you take a stand for yourself — for who you are, what you have to offer, and for the difference you want to make — how you are perceived by others often follows.

When you choose to take the lead from an inner sense of confidence that “I can do this and it is up to me to make this happen,” you often don’t need to wait to be granted authority.

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Now I am, of course, talking about the confidence developed from the hard work and discipline it takes to be very good at whatever you do, rather than the false confidence of bravado.

Yet no matter how hard you work, or how good or competent you really are, you will never really live into your potential until the moment you choose to stop playing small.

So take a moment and ask yourself this question:

Am I playing as big as I am now, or as small as I once was?

There is no time like the present to play BIG! Are you ready to truly play as big as you are now?


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jasbindar singh   |   02 February 2016   |   Reply

Great piece with a big message, Susan! Thanks for sharing.

Susan Mazza   |   15 February 2016   |   Reply

Thanks so much Jasbinder. Hope to see you here more in the future!