Are You The One?

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Are You The One?

When there is fear, are you the one to choose compassion in spite of the fear you too may feel?

When there is apathy, are you the one to choose action over the pull for you to do nothing?

When complaining takes center stage, are you the one to wake yourself up and choose to ignite an ember of possibility?

When you encounter hate, are you the one to choose to bring love despite the anger you too may feel?

Consider that the real question here is not “Are you the one?” — but rather “Will you choose to be the one?”

For the world to change, we need more people who are courageous enough to choose to be that one where they work and live… each and every day.

We need leaders to speak up, step up, and stand up for compassion over fear, action over apathy, possibility over complaint, and love over hate.

The world needs more people who are willing to take the lead in the moments where they have the opportunity to make a difference. tweet this

Will you choose to be the one? Will you choose to be a leader?


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Michele Renee Renaud   |   18 November 2015   |   Reply

Every “one” of us can make a difference no matter where it is in this world that we are. No matter our status as the world puts forth…Instead it is the call of humanity to show care, compassion, and loving kindness in the face of adversity or oppression. It all starts with everyone being the one’s to show mercy, grace, and forgiveness through understanding that humility of service to each other is the reflection of goodness whose measure comes from the heart of our brokenness. In our homes, communities, schools, workplaces…online,offline, every person matters.

Susan Mazza   |   18 November 2015   |   Reply

It is indeed as you say “the call of our humanity to show care, compassion and kindness in the face of adversity or oppression.” Grateful to be surrounded by people like you who choose to answer this call. Thanks for sharing your beautiful expression here Michele!