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David Bradford is known for accelerating the growth and performance of game-changing organizations by utilizing his “UP Principles” which he outlines in his new book, UP YOUR GAME: 6 Timeless Principles for Networking Your Way to the Top. Here, he shares one of those principles – a principle that anyone, at any age and at any economic level, can implement for success, today.

Recently, I gave a speech where one of the audience members heard me make reference to some work I had done in the past with software giant, Oracle.

Following the speech, a young man named Tanner boldly came up and introduced himself and told me his father was interviewing for a job with Oracle. I was busy responding to a lot of inquiries after my speech, so I did not have time to chat at that point. But when I arrived at home that night, this young man had taken the initiative to introduce me via email to his father.

Because of the immediacy of the follow up, I remembered the young man very specifically and was able and willing to provide a broader introduction for his father to Oracle.

Had the young man waited another 48 hours before pinging me back, there is a very real chance I would not have had as distinct a memory of him and my willingness to assist would have wavered.

A Matter of Habit

Immediate follow-up is absolutely essential to stay top of mind, stay in touch, Up Your Game, and be memorable. To me, the principle of follow-up is almost a lost art. I also think it is a matter of habit.

Those that follow up quickly and memorably set aside specific time each day to do it. Perhaps it is the last thing they do, from a business perspective, at night or the first thing they do in the morning. But they do it consistently and impressively, and they are the winners as a result.

Follow Up

Alan Underkofler is a social media strategist and the founder of Follow Up Success. On his site, he points out some sad but, in my experience, true statistics about the follow up habits of sales people. According to Alan, 48 percent of sales people never follow up with a prospect; 25 percent of sales people make a second contact and stop; and only 12 percent of sales people make more than three contacts.

It is easy to meet someone and make a good first impression. It is much harder to follow up meaningfully, keep promises, and stay in touch with your contacts. Fortunately, today’s world of technology and social media gives one an unprecedented ability to connect with others and follow up. tweet this

The conclusion is an easy one. Follow up if you want to Up Your Game.

Brit Hume once said,

“In the end, you make your reputation and you have your success based upon credibility and being able to provide people who are really hungry the information they want.”

How does credibility, or lack of it, impact your reputation? What builds your credibility? What destroys or undermines it?

How do credibility issues make or break your career in ways so subtle that you find yourself difficult to employ or maintain your leadership position?

And what minuscule changes should you make today that will increase your career possibilities a hundred fold in the next ten years?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!



David Bradford

David Bradford, “The Bottlecap Kid,” is Executive Chairman and former CEO of HireVue, former CEO of Fusion-io, and a member of the Utah Technology Council Hall of Fame. Learn more about David and his newest book, UP YOUR GAME, at DavidBradford.com.




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kharrou   |   30 May 2014   |   Reply

Thanks David for this post, you ‘re absolutely right, instant follow up help increase efficiency and keep the connection alive