How to Invest Today in Your Future

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How to Invest Today in Your Future

Do you live every day with an intention of making every day be worth the investment that it truly is?

If you do this already, then I applaud you. Yet the reality is, most of us don’t. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the grind of life. On a typical day, we may spend our time, we may use our time, but we don’t usually relate to our time as an investment of our life. All too often we get caught up in the activity of our never-ending to do lists.

Imagine: what would be possible for you, for your family, and for your workplace if you consciously chose not only what you will do today, but treated today like an investment in your future?

The key to choosing to invest today wisely, however, is to be clear about the future you want, so you can use that future to inform your daily choices. This is how you can both make today extraordinary and be extraordinary today.

Some call an imagined and desirable future a vision, and others refer to it as your “why.” I don’t think the label is that important. What matters is that you create a future that propels you forward; because in the absence of a designed future, you will more than likely repeat some version of the past.

A simple way to create a future to live into, even if it is just for a year or less, is to answer these 2 questions:

1. What 1-3 words describe how you want to experience your life?

The words you choose can become a compass guiding a shift in your daily thinking and actions. Here are some examples: Do you want to experience more ease? Then consider what you can do today to simplify your life. Do you want to experience more love? Then consider how you might be more loving today. Do you want to experience being accomplished? Then consider doing the thing you have been putting off once and for all.

2. If I could be, do, or have anything 1 year from now, what would I want most?

Be as specific as possible and choose one thing to focus on for the next year. As Bill Gates has said, we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year. Promise yourself to take at least one action a day to make it so. You will be amazed at how those small daily steps can add up in a year’s time to something amazing. So get started with one small step today.

Answer one of these questions, or answer both, and you will have quickly invented a future to pull you forward and compel you to do something out of the ordinary today. Then place your response(s) so it’s visible on your desk, or even write it on your mirror, so you will see it daily.

This is a simple process for practicing how to live the future today. By the way, this same process works for realizing a big and bold organizational vision, and it works for realizing the simplest to the loftiest of personal aspirations.

Now all there is to do is create a future, and take one step toward being and doing the extraordinary today.


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Martin Sumichrast   |   04 April 2017   |   Reply

I completely agree with you, we should wisely choose an investment plan to secure our future. Thanks for providing such a good information about investment.

Susan Mazza   |   04 April 2017   |   Reply

Thank you Martin! May your investment of today pay big dividends 🙂

Martin Sumichrast   |   06 April 2017   |  

Thanks Susan 🙂

grace   |   18 May 2017   |   Reply

After reading your blog post as a class assignment, I agree with the points you made, including “What matters is that you create a future that propels you forward.” As a high school student, I found your ideas beneficial in terms of preparing for college in the future, and soon I will be using your suggestions to prepare for a life after that.

Susan Mazza   |   18 May 2017   |   Reply

That’s great to hear Grace! Curious regarding what class gave this as an assignment.

Jonathan Merage   |   19 June 2017   |   Reply

Great recommendations! Your investment tips are really good. Thanks for sharing your great thoughts with us.

Susan Mazza   |   19 June 2017   |   Reply

You are most welcome Jonathan!