Where Do You Go to Remember?

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Where Do You Go To Remember?

A visit to the World Trade Center memorial in New York City had me thinking about the things I take for granted.

As a kid one of my favorite things to do was view the New York City Skyline at night. Those towers loomed so large and seemed so permanent, it was unimaginable that someday they would come crashing down. At the time I lived only 20 miles from ground zero.

The World Trade Center was intended to be a tribute to world peace and flourishing international trade.

Of the many things I far too easily take for granted, two fundamental things — peace and freedom.  tweet this

Since I have gratefully never known anything else, it can be hard to truly appreciate how incredibly fortunate I am.

Yet on September 11, 2001, I was afraid and present to the very real possibility that those two things were at risk.

A visit to the World Trade Center memorial was a way to remind myself once again to never take peace and freedom for granted.

Where do you go to remember what matters?


photo credit: New York – Mémorial du World Trade Center



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