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Using Humor to Drive Success

Using Humor to Drive Success

How frequently do you think your employees laugh at work? In contrast, how often do you estimate that they feel bored or uninspired? Skilled leaders, those we call the “Stand-Up Strategists”, understand the utility of humor to address four important organizational outcomes, or the 4Cs: Community, Composure, Change, and Creativity. And to address these four [...]


4 Ways to Unleash Leadership Energy

Following is a guest article from Achim Nowak.  Achim has a distinctive ability to connect deeply and authentically with others in a way that ignites their passion and energy. It is my pleasure to share some of his wisdom with you here. By the time I get hired to coach a senior executive, he’s been [...]


How to Gracefully Deal with Failure

Introducing Natalie Runyon, a leadership strategist for aspiring female executives who want to change the world.  Natalie serves leaders with a wonderful blend of heart. intellect and pragmatism.  I am honored to be one of the featured speakers in her upcoming Free Telesummit Be the CEO of Your Career.  Here Natalie shares a story from [...]


How to Become a Future Leader

Introducing Dan Schwabel, a Millennial who has a lot of wisdom to share about Gen Y Careers, Workplace Trends and Personal Branding.  One of the reasons I am drawn to Dan and his work is that at it’s heart Dan writes about freedom.  His new book, Promote Yourself, is out this week.  As Seth Godin [...]


Separate but Equal Has Not Left the Building

Following is a guest post from Mason Donovan and Mark Kaplan, co-authors of The Inclusion Dividend, that explores why diversity and inclusion are essential to effective leadership. Although “separate but equal” was struck down quite a long time ago by the Supreme Court, it persists in another fashion once you cross the corporate threshold. If [...]

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