Have You Ever Felt Like a Fraud?

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Have You Ever Felt Like a Fraud?

As a professional, have you ever felt like a fraud – like somehow you were less than who and what you portray to the world?

Now the word “fraud” might seem a bit dramatic, but you might be surprised to know just how often I have heard this exact word used by my clients through the years.  I’ve even heard stories of Nobel Prize winners who have shared about feeling this way.

The bottom line is we can be very hard on ourselves.

It is tempting to set expectations so high that we inevitably end up feeling some level of failure or disappointment in ourselves, even when the people around us are telling us we are fine and even doing great.  It is natural to worry about whether we are living up to others expectations, let alone our own.

My good friend Tina Lange, an exceptional PR Professional, recently gave a talk about the keys to success in life and business.

She shared that she had noticed that when she asked herself, “what are my weaknesses?”, she found the list to be very long and easy to generate.  But when she asked, “what are my strengths?” it was harder to answer and the list was much shorter.

During her talk she asked a question that has stuck with me:

…Do you treat yourself with the same level of kindness and compassion?

…Do you acknowledge and celebrate your strengths and your accomplishments the way your best friend would when they were telling someone about you?

…Do you give yourself a break when you make a mistake or feel like you don’t have it all together?

We all carry out an inner dialogue with and about ourselves daily.  How might that conversation in your head change if you were to relate to yourself as your best friend?

So next time you are feeling self-doubt ask yourself:  if I were my best friend what would I say to me?  I’d be willing to bet you’d have a lot of positive and encouraging things to say.


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camille   |   13 October 2017   |   Reply

great message AND … you’ve really are using all the media tools so well. congrats.

Susan Mazza   |   20 October 2017   |   Reply

Thank you Camille!

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