Talk Is Not Cheap

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Change happens one conversation at a time.

Sure you need to take action to make anything happen. Yet the same thinking will likely beget more of the same in terms of both actions and results.

So if you really want different results you have to start by changing how you think.

That is where the conversations we engage in come into play and why I suggest that “talk is not cheap”, especially when it comes to being a leader.

For the last 3 years I have been engaged in a conversation about Leadership with a group of people now known as The Lead Change Group. Fifteen of us got together in February 2010 for a un-conference we called Leaderpalooza to talk about leadership. We had connected online via twitter and in a Linked In group started by Mike Henry, but we had no relationships with each other in real life. No formal connections or structures brought us together. All we had in common was a conversation that started virtually via Social Media. And we all felt compelled to continue that conversation with each other in person.

We had no end in mind other than a desire to be in an inquiry with others about leadership so we could discover what we thought and had to say about leadership at this moment in time. We also shared a belief that the conversation about leadership was particularly important at this time.

The conversations we started back then began to take shape through the individual leadership of our growing number of members and the willingness of those individuals to take action to clarify and communicate our message about leadership.

In 2012 The Lead Change Group officially became a non-profit organization. Our blog has become one of the top ranked Leadership Blogs in the world. In September 21, 2012, twenty-one of our members published a book together titled The Character-Based Leader.

Our message is that leadership is about who you are rather than your position or title, and that the foundation for who we are is our character. While we are certainly not the only people or organization out there that has a similar message, we are doing our part to bring that message where we live and work and to keep the conversation alive.

We believe change truly happens one conversation at a time because these conversations and the relationships we have formed with each other have changed and enriched each of us for the better. Ghandi famously said that it is up to each of us to “be the change we wish to see in the world”. And if we want to be that change we must choose the conversations in which we will engage accordingly.

For me The Lead Change Group is a great example of when talk is not cheap.

What conversations are you engaging in that you believe will help you to be the change you wish to see where you live, where you work, and even in the world?  Please do tell us about any communities, online or offline, that you would like to highlight where conversations that matter are going on.  

You just never know who may join the conversation!

Interested in engaging in the conversation about Character-Based Leadership?  JOIN US live for a FREE event hosted by John Schenkel and Configurations on November 12, 2012 near Orlando, FL.   Me and co-authors Mike Henry, Sr, Tara Alemany, S. Max Brown, Deb Costello, Monica Diaz,Will Lukang, and Jane Purdue will be there for a combination panel and group discussion.  And if you can’t be there you can always join the ongoing conversation by visiting the Lead Change Group blog and/or ordering our new book The Character-Based Leader.


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Mike Henry Sr.   |   07 November 2012   |   Reply

Thanks for the post and your involvement in the group and the idea. It’s definitely a collaborative effort. Everyone contributes ideas (good and no so good) but the sharing makes the ideas better, possible and even creates a positive impact like the book. Cool to see. Thanks!

Susan Mazza   |   08 November 2012   |   Reply

Thanks for being the “conversation starter” Mike. Your vision and leadership continue to inspire me, and your friendship is a true gift. Appreciate all you have done to shepherd the idea of Lead Change into the vibrant community and convesation it has become!

Stan Faryna   |   08 November 2012   |   Reply

Congrats to you and the other members of The Lead Change Group!

I’m heartened to see you make headway in your endeavors and collaboration.

Recently on my blog:
Ain’t I A Woman?

Susan Mazza   |   08 November 2012   |   Reply

Thank you Stan! It has been a very enrichingn journey and exciting to see the conversation take new forms.

Chery Gegelman   |   08 November 2012   |   Reply


Thank you for sharing the story behind #LeadChange. I believe many people have wondered how it all began.

The story is powerful ~ Ordinary people. Across several countries. Coming together over Social Media through a shared passion. Forming friendships. Encouraging and challenging each other to learn more and do more….

So thankful God lead me to the group in the early days of my own Social Media Adventure!

Consider Yourself Hugged!


Susan Mazza   |   08 November 2012   |   Reply

What is incredible to me is that even not knowing the history you “got” the conversation and jumped in so quickly and powerfully by becoming an author in our first book. This conversation is alive and well and truly has a life of it’s own. I am so glad you joined the conversation and it has been wonderful to get to know you through working on The Character-Based Leader together. Look forward to meeting you in person someday soon!!

George   |   12 November 2012   |   Reply

Hi Susan, great article and very well written indeed. I have a small correction for you. It’s ‘Gandhi’ rather than ‘Ghandi’. But i understand, as this is how most of English speaking world pronounces the word. Thanks!

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